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Prepare Yourself For a Sponge-Like Lucas Museum

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Ever since the idea of a George Lucas museum in Chicago first came up, we in the city have had to endure a never-ending series of questions. What we've been through so far has included, "Will it actually be in Chicago?", "Where's it going?", and "Who's paying for it?" With all of those answered, the biggest unanswered question that remains is, "What will it look like?" While we wait for designs from Beijing's MAD Architects, we're left to interpret vague hints about the design from Lucas himself and to infer from MAD's portfolio of work. We've tried to be subtle about it, but we think it's important to get used to the idea of an... unusual look for the building now, because we have a feeling that when the general public actually sees this thing there's going to be a minor whirlwind of shock and indignance from people who are already skeptical about a George Lucas museum.

At Chicago Ideas Week, George Lucas spoke with Charlie Rose a bit about the forthcoming design, and Lucas said it's "going to be organic architecture" and that it's going to look like a living thing, "like a sponge." If you ask us, that sounds a lot more like MAD's Ordos Museum design, than the neoclassical rectangles the average Chicagoan might think of as standard-issue museum design. So, calibrate your expectations toward the avant garde while we wait the official announcement.
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