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Here Now, the Priciest Home Sale in the Chicago Area Ever

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A behemoth North Shore mansion designed by famed Chicago architect Howard Van Doren Shaw has sold for $19.5 million, which Crain's suspects may be the priciest home sale in the Chicagoland area ever. The large French Normandy-style Glencoe home was built in 1917, but nearly one hundred years later, was threatened with demolition by the homeowner who wanted to split up the 2.7 acre lakefront lot. However, the home was rescued from its pending doom when it was scooped up by Equity Group co-president David Helfand for $6.8 million in 2002. The home did receive some major changes however, and was completely remodeled and expanded to 15,800 square feet after being rescued.

And in typical North Shore fashion, the home is loaded with amenities like an outdoor pool and tennis court. The sale price of the sprawling mansion is more than double that of the most expensive residential sale within Chicago, where a three bedroom co-op on Lake Shore Drive sold for $7.4 million earlier in the summer. However, this Van Doren Shaw castle could still be beat by the humungous Trump penthouse (if it ever sells that is). Otherwise, MJ's house, the bonkers Burling Street estate in Lincoln Park and Vince Vaughn's penthouse could eventually join the ranks of Chicagoland homes to sell for $15 million or more.

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