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Apartment & Retail Proposal for Chicago Ave. Moving Forward

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According to an email sent this morning from Alderman Moreno's office to constituents, the proposed four story apartment and retail development for 1822-1850 West Chicago Avenue is moving forward. Proposed by Fifield Companies, the development will transform a vacant lot into a long contempo structure that will bring 59 apartments and 14,600 square feet of ground level retail to the area. Previously, the development had been the focus of a battle over affordable housing units, which the developer originally did not intend to include in the project. However, according to the alderman's message, Fifield will include four units below market-rate price. In addition, the developer will contribute $100,000 to be used towards the improvement of nearby Commercial Park. No word just yet on timeline or price of units, however with aldermanic support, the proposal will likely sail through the zoning change process.