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Super Swank Evanston Arts & Crafts Home Wants $2.775M

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There is not a single thing wrong with this Evanston home. This 6,200 square foot house is absolutely perfect, really. The only thing one might quibble about is its price. And it's not to say that its price is totally unreasonable, it's just, you know, a lot of money. Built in 1909, the home has a classic midwestern Prairie/Arts & Crafts charm to it, but has been completely restored and updated rather tastefully. Generally, in turn of the century homes such as this one, you might find that the majority of the home has been preserved nicely but then the bathrooms and kitchens are just godawful '80s rejects. However, this five bedroom, four and a half bathroom is just really nice on the eyes. It hits the market at $2.775 million.

·1117 Forest Ave Evanston, IL 60202 [Redfin]