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City Seeking Development Proposals for Vacant South Side Lots

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Several new projects could soon join the recently completed Shops & Lofts at 47 development in Bronzeville. A new retail and residential corridor is poised to sprout around the 43rd Street Green Line station as the city has issued a request for proposals for seven parcels of land on 43rd Street between Indiana Avenue and King Drive. Five of the parcels are vacant city owned properties, however the two lots on the southeast corner of 43rd Street and Prairie are privately owned. Considering that all of the properties are all located within two blocks of the Green Line station, the likelihood of seeing proposals for transit-oriented developments is very high.

According to the city's Department of Planning and Development, submissions should seek to:

·Create a vibrant commercial area to serve the community as a destination due to its distinct qualities, character and ambiance.
·Create an active street presence with engaging ground level-retail that enlivens the pedestrian experience.
·Include a mix of uses that enhance and relate to the existing neighborhood.
·Take advantage of the site's close proximity to the CTA Green Line station with an appropriate size and density.

·Provide an innovative and environmentally-sustainable design that meets the City's Sustainable Development Policy requirements. The proposals for the redevelopment of these underserved parcels are due on December 17th, and the city will announce the developer selection on February 17th. Expect to see big changes on this stretch within the next couple of years.

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