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Nearly 6 Acres of New Green Space Coming Soon to Lakefront

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Yesterday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, CDOT, the Chicago Park District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers kicked off the $31.5 million effort to update the revetment at the lakefront near Fullerton Avenue and bring 5.8 acres of new green space to the area surrounding the Theater on the Lake. Called simply the Fullerton Revetment project, the city says that the project will create new green space and protect the existing land from flooding and erosion as well as improve congestion on the popular Chicago Lakefront Trail, which bottlenecks at the theater.

The new revetment, which will stretch roughly 1,700 feet, is part of a larger effort to reclaim and protect nearly eight miles of shoreline. It will also be wheelchair accessible and will be built in four sections. The plan will also include a renovation of the the Theater on the Lake, which will be utilized for year round programming when its restoration is complete. Construction of the Fullerton Revetment project and renovation of the Theater on the Lake are both expected to be completed by summer 2016.

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