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Historic Van Bergen House Makes Move Across North Shore

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The landmark Harriet F. Rees House in the South Loop isn't the only historic home making a move right now. This past weekend, a construction crew uprooted the John S. Van Bergen designed Irving House from its current location in Wilmette and began its slow venture over to a parking lot in Evanston, where it will sit until the new site is ready for it. The 87 year old Prairie style home was designed by noted Prairie-era architect John Van Bergen and saved from demolition by another architect, Christopher Enck. The home is being moved in three pieces, and the two remaining pieces are due to make it over to the former Evanston Dominick's parking lot today.

The move is being hailed as a major win for preservationists, architecture buffs and North Shore residents. There's really not much more to say beyond that Enck and anyone else who is willing to make such a big effort to save a piece of Chicagoland architectural history is just straight up awesome. Many more photos of the home's move can be seen on Landmarks Illinois' Flickr page.

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