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Asswipes At Columbia Think Obama's Library Should Be in NYC

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When it comes to the debate on where President Obama should build his Presidential Library, Chicagoans agree this is a local matter. After all, the former Illinois Senator was a local when his political star reached the national spot light and he still has a house here (which you can tour stalk via tour bus!) and the Prez obviously still loves it AT HOME.. Here. In Chicago. So its rather dickish for Columbia University in New York (Obama graduated from the school in 1983) to be grasping for a bid as the Presidential Library location. Crain's reports:

Multiple sources, some with close White House connections, say Columbia has sent word to President Barack Obama's inner circle that it's prepared to do what's necessary to win the library of one of its more famous alumni after he leaves office in early 2017. Details are nebulous ("We're not in a position to comment on this," said Columbia's associate vice president for media relations) but this battle definitely seems to be heating up.
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