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Bucktown Tried Real Hard, Could Not Top 2009 Sales Record

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[These renderings show the current record holder (sorta) at 1735 N Honore St.]

Behold! Chicago Magazine has featured gorgeous Bucktown condo with eight bedrooms and 7,000 square feet that just made a serious play for setting a new sales record in the nabe. It went for $3.1M last month which is impressive, but just not enough to beat a 2009 sales price. For now, Bucktown's highest sales record is still set at $3.686M, a price obtained by this four-bedroom, 8,200 square footer (above) which was built brand new in 09. Sadly, the listing data only gives us these shady renderings. Anyone seen this baby up close? Is it impressive? Got a photo? Send it to the tipline, please.

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