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There is Weather Outside and the Chicago Tribune is ON IT

Drop what you are doing Chicago kids, because there is weather outside! How do we know? The Chicago Tribune is on it! No idea how to cope with the cold? Pro tip: don't use your oven for a heater, wear a hat, and go see a doctor if you get hypothermia. Think you should go to work today? Wrong answer. Think it might be time to fly somewhere warmer? Too late. More than 1,500 flights were cancelled yesterday. Now what? It's all weather live blogging and feeling sorry for the reporters assigned to do video footage today. Enjoy these photos of humans brave enough to venture out there and pray some evil icicle does not knock out your wifi. Find yourself outside despite the dangers? Send a photo of the environs to our tipline, because there is always someone dumb going jogging on the river in Chicago and we need the evidence.
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