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Spas Worth Splurging On; Eataly's New Neighbor; More

Here are the latest style bites from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago.

EVERYWHERE— Spa visits are something we heartily endorse splurging on. Think about it: if everyone had just had a massage, wouldn't the world be a nicer place? Exactly. Check out our guide to seven of the city's most palatial pampering dens.

EVERYWHERE— This week, contributor Tori Telfer dug deep into the fancy grocery store craze that's overtaking Chicago. Are these stores good for the community, or just for the one percent? (Spoiler: a little bit of both.)

LAKEVIEW— The new Wrightwood Furniture store offers one-of-a-kind goods from artisans and factories around the world. And—drum roll, please— they cost 50 to 80 percent less than they would at other high-end furniture stores.

RIVER NORTH— A Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio is coming soon to the shops at North Bridge. It will be adjacent to Eataly, so, buy crazily expensive cheese, then shop for discounted designer goods. It all evens out.