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Will Motorola Still Move To The Merchandise Mart?

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Google and Motorola are breaking up. Yesterday Google announced the sale of Motorola Mobility to Chinese computer maker Lenovo for a whopping $3 billion. So what will become of Google's big plan of moving the handset maker from its suburban campus in Libertyville to the Merchandise Mart? Motorola says not to worry, they're still making the move of its 2,000 employees from its suburban office campus to the behemoth building on the Chicago River. Mayor Emanuel has been a long time proponent of the company's move to the city, and his office has confirmed that Motorola has reached out to set any doubts at ease. So rest assured, Motorola is still expected to move into its four floor, 600,000 square foot downtown office this March. We found some rather amusingly amateurish looking renderings of the new space and hope that the actual buildout leaves less of an aftertaste. And in following this theme, we've also added our own cartoonish mockup of what the Merchandise Mart exterior could look like after the big move.

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