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Here's Your First Look Inside The Spankin' New Kinzie Hotel

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[photos by Nicholas James]

The new Kinzie Hotel opens next week but Curbed Chicago had the chance to take a tour of the spankin' new project for a first look. The building has spent the last ten years as the Amalfi Hotel, but reps hope that its facelift and rebranding will be a hit with tourists and business travelers.

The five story Kinzie contains 215 total rooms, including five suites, a gym and a small bar area. Ditching the Amalfi name and Euro stylings, the new project design led by Gettys Design Group runs with bright colors and a historical Chicago theme as the four star hotel is named after early Chicago settler John Kinzie. Mixing old with new, the interior finish juxtaposes vintage maps of Chicago's grid system in guest rooms with Banksy style street art in the lobby. With its location a couple of blocks away from the loop, the hotel also plans to offer guests a variety of tours around the city. The Kinzie opens February 4 and room rates are expected to be around $200 a night.

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