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Yet Another Idea of What The Obama Library Could Look Like

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Here's another possible Obama Presidential Library design. The Obama Library has been on the minds of planners and architects for years now, and this proposal by Slovenian Srdan Nad was a submission to the Chicago Architecture Club's "McCormick Place Redux", a design competition held in 2011 that called on ideas to redevelop McCormick Place. Here's a look at his submission, which took second place in the competition, and proposed that the Obama Presidential Library be integrated into a new public space at the convention center called "McCormick Square".

With the library battle heating up between New York City and Chicago, and Mayor Emanuel's recent call for the city to submit a unified bid, it's really anyone's guess where the library will end up and what it will look like. And with a redevelopment of McCormick Place already moving forward, it's not likely that these renderings will become anything more than just that. We're all for surprises though.

Have a lead on any other renderings or proposals for a future library? Feel free to send them over to the tipline.

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