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East Village's Amber Building Nears The Finish Line

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Recently, Curbed Chicago stopped by the Amber Building, a new coworking space, to get a progress report from Building Blocks developer Kevin Miske. Renovation of the historic terracotta clad building began nearly two years ago, and Curbed was also there in the beginning to get a view of the project underway.
The building has three levels, a refinished basement and a rooftop, which will become home to an outdoor patio. The ground level will contain 6000 square feet of leasable space, which Miske had originally proposed to become the home of a brewpub. The second and third floors will feature a combined 16,000 square feet of space and be utilized as open floor coworking office spaces. The Amber Building's basement has been completely refinished as well and plans are to make the space available to tenants for storage use. Preservationists will be happy to hear that nearly 100% of the original terracotta facade was restored, with very little replacement work needed. The building also received some rather large windows, which provides for a high level of natural sunlight but also some great views of downtown.

With new coworking spaces regularly popping up in River North and the Loop, Miske is hoping that the Amber Building with its close proximity to West Town and Wicker Park will be a popular choice for those who are looking for a short commute. No word yet on pricing structure for the coworking spaces, but expect a mid-February completion on the building.

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