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Jay Cutler Moving On From $10K Winnetka Rental

The Winnetka McMansion that Bears QB "Smokin" Jay Cutler and reality star wife Kristin Cavallari had been renting last year for $10,000 a month was listed for sale this past Saturday. The 6,700 square foot, six bedroom home has an ask of $4.5 million, well within reach for Cutler after signing a seven-year $126.7 million contract with da Bears. With his career lasting at least another seven years in Chicago, and a baby on the way, perhaps Cutler is ready to take the plunge into homeownership in the Chicago area. So where is Cutler moving to next? We thought we'd be nice and make a convenient list of high priced home options for the expecting family. Michael Jordan's house and Oprah's Water Tower Place condo are still up for grabs, eh Cutler? Eh?

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