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Lawsuit Imminent: The Battle Over Wrigley Signage Escalates

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The fight over the signage at Wrigley Field escalated today with the rooftop owners indicating that they are suing the Cubs organization. This news comes after the Cubs moved this morning to request a permit for a large sign in the right field. The rooftop owners stated that the proposed 650 square foot sign violates their contract with the Cubs. Negotiations broke down last week when the rooftop owners named the Cubs as a "respondent in discovery" in a defamation suit against a former financial consultant, but as of this afternoon a spokesman for the rooftop owners has stated that they intend to file suit directly against the Cubs organization. Some have argued that the Ricketts family are trying to make too changes to Wrigley Field and the Cubs brand too fast. With a lukewarm public reaction to Clark the Cub and now a legal battle over a sign for the outfield, 2014 isn't looking too pretty for the lovable losers.

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