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Rent This Claustrophobic Attic In Humboldt Park For $875

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One lucky renter will have the opportunity to shell out upwards of $900 a month to live in this "Very Modern" attic in Humboldt Park. The ceilings may only be six feet tall, but with a brand new dishwasher and stove - who cares?! And no, an "SS Kitchen" is not where Heinrich Himmler cooks his breakfast. With rising rents in Logan Square, West Town and Wicker Park, Humboldt Park's rental market has been witnessing an uptick along with its homebuyer market. And although the neighborhood has gained a foothold in and some recent notoriety for its homebuyers' market, perhaps some landlords shouldn't be overly zealous about their new rental prospects.

· Beautiful Brand New Very Modern 1Bed Apt. w/ SS Kitchen, Parking & Yard [craigslist]