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Rahm Ups Chicago's Game In Bid For Obama Library

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Mayor Emanual really wants the Obama Presidential Library to be in Chicago. He announced this morning that the city will submit one unified proposal for the bid. This move will force the University of Chicago to work together with City Hall if the educational institution ever plans on seeing a Barack H. Obama Library near its campus in Hyde Park. And it's looking like the university will have a lot of muscle as it has been revealed that the former employer of President Obama has been secretly working on a proposal for the last year.

The Mayor has become more aggressive with the bid because of Columbia University's recent interest in the library. When asked to specify a location, Rahm would only say "the location I am interested in is the City of Chicago," giving no hints and which neighborhood might host the library, although all speculation points to Hyde Park. Between the University of Chicago's brains and Rahmbo's ability to raise serious cash, the city's new dynamic duo are Chicago's best shot at beating out Columbia for the Obama Library. The Mayor will likely announce the creation of the fundraising arm of the venture next week and fish carcasses will be sent to the heads at Columbia University.

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