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Chicago's Riverwalk To Be The Next Times Square?

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[renderings via the Sun-Times]

In the Mayor's attempt to turn the Chicago Riverwalk into Times Square Jr. or Hong Kong Lite, the city may soon be installing some new lights. A lot of lights. The Mayor wants to boost tourism in the city by 10 percent, or attract 55 million annual visitors by 2020 and thinks that adding a light show to the city would be the key. The lights are intended to highlight Chicago's architecture and skyline, but also to open up tourists' wallets by extending the day into night.

This "bright" initiative, headed up by the president of Broadway In Chicago, will start with an international call for submissions. Plans show that the lights won't only be noticeable in the loop, as the Mayor's vision is to expand the project into the neighborhoods. Perhaps some think Chicago's world famous architecture can't speak for itself.

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