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Say Goodbye To The Cuneo Memorial Hospital

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Uptown's Cuneo Memorial Hospital will soon meet the wrecking ball. This week city officials granted the demolition permit to a developer who wants to replace the deteriorating mid-century modern structure with a high rise project. The building was an easy target for developers as the building did not have landmark status, although preservationists had long been seeking its protection. Alderman James Cappleman supports the developer's plan to demo the structure.

The hospital was built in 1957 and designed by Edo Belli, who studied under famed modern architect Mies Van Der Rohe. The hospital was operated by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart until 1988 after which the building became the Columbus Maryville Academy Children's Shelter. The building has been empty since 2005. This news comes just weeks after the final exterior demolition of high profile Prentice Women's Hospital.

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