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Chinatown Grabs the 2013 Curbed Cup!

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2013 is dead and gone but Chinatown is still partying on with the news of today's victory in the Curbed Cup, our annual contest to pick neighborhood of the year. It ran away with 1,553 votes versus runner up East Village (it took away 1,327 votes when all was said and done). Let's recap what made Chinatown so great last year.

Chinatown won attention for its population boom, a wealth of good eating, new park space, and a handful of developments in the pipeline. When it came to restaurant buzz the Tony Hu empire of regional Chinese restaurants, along with places like Sweet Station, Sze Chuan Cuisine, and soup & noodle paradise Hing Kee won over hearts, minds, and stomaches.

In park development, the completed second phase of Ping Tom Park and its new field house provided early spring excitement and quickly became one of Chicago's most sublime neighborhood parks.

In 2014, keep your eyes peeled for a new Chinatown Branch Library designed by Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, a small hotel project, and the under construction Cermak/McCormick Green Line Station.

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