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Behold! A First Look at the (Nearly) Completed Godfrey Hotel

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[Photos by James Atkins]

The Godfrey Hotel does not open until February 1, but Curbed Chicago took a tour of the ultra trendy cubist-inspired building designed by Valerio DeWalt Train earlier this week. After a total of six years under development, four of which the structure laid dormant and covered, earning it the nickname "Mummy" of River North, the project is receiving its final touches. Initially conceived as a Staybridge Suites franchise, the project was scooped up and enitirely revamped by Oxford Capital after the original developer went bankrupt in 2008.

The four-and-a-half star Godfrey Hotel will stand at 16 stories, contain 221 guest rooms complete with custom made furnishings, and includes an in-house spa, fitness area and a fourth floor indoor/outdoor deck called the "IO Urban Roofscape", basically a bar/lounge headed up by Chef Riley Huddleston, formerly of The Aviary. With a retractable glass roof, outdoor fireplaces and plenty of swanky furnishings, reps at The Godfrey boast that at 10,000 square feet, the IO will be Chicago's largest all season indoor/outdoor lounge. The "Urban Roofscape", or rooftop lounge to us laymen, was still under construction when we visited, so we were unable to get action shots but we hope to take plenty of photos when we go back to visit after the hotel opens.

So stay tuned for more details as the hotel reaches completion, and keep in mind that our first look photos are just that. And as far as the Chicago hotel boom goes, the folks at The Godfrey say they are not concerned in the least bit.
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