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Leggings for Men; A Nude Sketch Salon; More

Here are the latest style bites from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago.

EVERYWHERELaugh at meggings all you want, folks—chances are your boyfriend will be wearing them someday. Contributor Tori Telfer gets to the heart of a new phenomenon in fashion: leggings for men.

ELGIN—Ready for something even more curious than meggings? Someone stole a baby possum from a shop in Elgin.

WEST LOOP— The Randolph Street Market will have a Valentine's Day theme on January 25 and 26. There will be chocolates, vintage baubles, and—oh, yes—a "nude sketch salon."

EVERYWHERE—Our celebrity-style expert Jay Dillon gave us his worst-dressed picks for the Golden Globes, and—joy!— he didn't mince words. But it wasn't all bad: he also told us who rocked the red carpet.