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Fighting Over Parking: Plans For 3 Apartment Towers Progress

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A hospital-turned vacant building, the former Children's Memorial Hospital, is headed towards a redevelopment that would mean construction of three new apartment towers and rehab for several historic buildings. Hooray! However, enthusiasm for the project has lessened from pedestrian and bike activists thanks to the addition of more parking spaces to the area. When the proposal first popped up in 2012, the developer did not plan to add parking, as there is already a huge 850-car garage nearby. However, the newer version of the plans tossed in 194 underground parking spaces to the plan, which means 1,044 spots for a development with 858 apartments.

Furthermore, at Tuesday's community meeting (attended by roughly 500 people!) there was a bit of a heated dispute about the architect's claims on how much traffic reduction the project would yeild, versus what neighbors think will really happen. Minor complaints?
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Children's Memorial Hospital

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