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Please Welcome New Curbed Chicago Editor AJ LaTrace

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It is with great pleasure that Curbed Chicago ushers in a new era today as long time Logan Square resident AJ LaTrace takes the helm of this fair site as editor. We're expecting great things.

AJ LaTrace is the founder of the hyperlocal site and has previously held posts at the Art Institute of Chicago, Groupon and has worked on numerous campaigns in the Chicago area. When not writing or dreaming of living in a Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie style masterpiece, AJ enjoys farmers markets, riding his bike along the boulevards and camping in Wisconsin. AJ holds a BA in Political Science from DePaul University and believes that there is always next year for the Cubs.

Now's a great time to remind you all that tips are the lifeline of Curbed Chicago and that our tipline is always open (anonymity guaranteed!) Send intel on the buildings in your neighborhood—renderings, construction photos, the latest news in neighborhood battles—to And while you are at it, stay in touch via twitter and facebook, too. [The Management]