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Humboldt Park: 10th "Hottest" Neighborhood in Nation?

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[photo via Flickr user RichieDiesterheft]
Humboldt Park is the hottest neighborhood in Chicago, and the 10th hottest 'nabe in the nation according to real estate listing site Redfin's annual top ten list of "Hottest Neighborhoods". Just a year ago Redfin tapped near northwest side Logan Square as the eighth hottest neighborhood in the country, however due to "consistent price increases in neighboring Wicker Park and Logan Square", homebuyers and developers alike are finding nearby Humboldt Park more attractive according to Redfin's data thus earning Humboldt Park the only Chicago entry in their top ten list for 2014.

What else makes a neighborhood hot enough to land a spot on this annual list? Redfin takes into account a number of criteria including "highly ranked schools, scenic community parks, affordability and easy access to commuter rail". With a median home sale price of $189,450 and the increasing gentrification of next door neighborhoods Logan Square, West Town and nearby Wicker Park, more renters and homebuyers are eyeing the increasingly more appealing prospects of Humboldt Park. Care to elaborate dear readers - Is Humboldt Park hot or not?
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