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West Town Predicted to Make Like Wicker Park, Gentrify

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How long can Wicker Park hold onto it's distinction as the fourth hippest hipster neighborhood in the United States? Maybe not too much longer if rapidly gentrifying West Town Chicago has anything to say about it. Chicagoist submits this evidence that the nabe will be Chicago's next to blow up:
New Restaurants and bars: Kai Zen, a sushi spot, was so popular it had to buy the adjacent space to expand. Hunter & Tails, which opened last year, hit the hipster cords "farm-to-table" and "gastropub." With the addition of craft cocktails (Sportsman's Club) we're hearing a lot of buzz words.
Housing boom: There's an "avalanche" of new construction included homes and condo developments. One developer even wants a new seven-story condo project.
The little details: The city plans to replace some sidewalks, fix curbs and gutters, install concrete bus pads, and add bike lanes.
What say you, dear readers? Is a bit of development overstated or are you feeling it already? Leave us a comment.
· For Investors, Is West Town The Next Wicker Park? [Chicagoist]