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Do-Gooder Takes Day Off Work to Shovel Her Block, Putting an End to "Parking Dibs"

"Parking Dibs," the system by which residents use things like chairs to save the snow shoveled parking spots for later, can really cause a war amongst the neighbors. What eases the situation? When a good Samaritan devotes himself to shoveling out all the spots so that there are more places to park. For the nabe of Humbolt Park, the "Good Samaratina" is a twitter user with the handle @AuntieSweetLeaf . She spent all of Thursday in this digging effort because, in her own words, "I just think it's a better way for us to live as a community: as people who look out for each other instead of fighting for spots." Suffer as she may have in the cold, she did not suffer in silence. She live tweeted the entire thing, natch.
· Humboldt Park woman, sick of 'dibs,' shovels entire block #nodibs [Sun Times Voices]