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Clone of a Historic Prairie Ave Townhouse Lists for $2.1M

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From the curb, this Prairie Avenue 5/5 townhouse uses powerful mimicry to sell you on the sense of being in one of the city's most historic districts. Ten years ago, a developer actually took care to give the home a honest-to-goodness stoop and build limestone detailing into the towering red brick facade. The 5,780-square-foot interior doesn't put on airs, providing standard high-end finishes unevenly— the bedrooms are cheapened by beige carpet while the master bathroom, coffered ceilings, elevator, custom kitchen, and two large decks stand as proud statements. The varied facades of neighboring townhouses belie uniform, conjoined backsides. Accept the illusion and it's all much more palatable. At $2.1M, the ask is $166K less than the 2006 sales price.
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