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Apartment Tower at State & Huron Gets a More Precise Mockup

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A rental development proposed by student housing specialist Campus Acquisitions for State & Huron has an updated rendering. Urban development sleuth Spyguy at Skyscraper Page followed up his early August reveal with a more complete sketch of the now-30-story tower. A slender son of a gun, the tower was previously expected to house just 85 units though JJ Smith, Principal of Campus Acquisitions Ventures, tells Curbed the height and unit count are still variable. Smith also informed us that Valerio Dewalt Train is the commissioned architect. There's little innovation in the glassy design, but some of our readers will revel in the building's break from the beige precast that dominates the Mag Mile and eastern half of River North. It's not all peachy, however, as a pair of 19th Century row homes—you know, the old character of the neighborhood—stand feebly in the way. Campus Acquisition is neck deep in another nearby rental plan, at Wells & Huron, along with a student housing conversion in the Loop.
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