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For $470K: California Bungalow w/ Cedar Roof, Stone Fireplace

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In the Ravenswood Manor section of Albany Park you can't escape the bungalow. The icon of working class housing is always easy on the eyes, but few ascend to drop-dead gorgeousness. This fine example of the California Craftsman Bungalow is one. The picturesque 1913 two-bed begins with a gently-sloped cedar roof and a wooden enclosed porch. It's so slight a home that the front landscaping might well bury the facade in a few years' time. The 1,800-square-foot interiors are characterized by wood beam ceilings, a monumental stone fireplace, elegant windows and hanging lamps, colorful bathroom tile, and a handful of rooms that were seemingly left behind in terms of updates and renovations. Ah well, that's a fairly easy fix. The just-listed home is near to the Brown Line and the start of the North Shore Channel Trail. The ask: $470K.
·Listing: 2844 W Eastwood Ave. [Baird & Warner]