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Revealed: An Expansive & Expensive New Washington-Wabash 'L' Station

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The city gave us a teaser image of the planned modern Washington-Wabash CTA station in early 2012, but only today did renderings of the station's full sweep go public. DNAinfo got their hands on the set, depicting two undulating canopies running the length of the platform. The canopies swoop in and out in a mirror image of one another, never touching. When seen from above, there's a strong resemblance to a rib cage. That vocabulary plays out in railing construction, too. The $75M project cost will outstrip the expense of both the Cermak-McCormick Green Line station and the recently-completed Morgan station. The station will replace two century-old stations at Randolph/Wabash and Madison/Wabash when it opens in 2016. In doing so, it's expected to become the 5th busiest CTA station, serving an estimated 13,375 daily entries on weekdays. Construction should start in fall 2014.
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