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Pumpkins Guitarist James Iha Sells Longtime Edgewater Lair

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Former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha hasn't lived in his Edgewater abode (or in the Chicago area) for several years, but he must've figured holding onto it would pay off. In June, the time for listing the four-bed American Foursquare arrived with a $625K price attached. The sale closed weeks later, at $545K, reports Bob Goldsborough for The Tribune. That's more than double the 1994 purchase price but, ah, that was also 1994. The Trib places the home in Rogers Park, but it's actually in Edgewater just south of the Granville CTA station. The comfy 1910 home sits just west of Broadway about a half-mile from the lake. Iha's center of gravity shifted to NYC (excuse us... Brooklyn) since the Pumpkins' original 2000 disbanding and Goldsborough reminds that Iha's also freed himself of a large home in Winnetka. It's never too late to rethink Chicago!
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·Listing: 1245 W Glenlake Ave. [@properties]