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Piece of Wright's Avery Coonley House Plummets to $354K

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The 3,000-square-foot "bedroom wing" of Frank Lloyd Wright's stunning Avery Coonley compound in Riverside returned to market in late July as a $354K short sale. A tipster led us to the listing, now under contract. The property has sustained damage—cracks in the stucco facade, water damage to the ceiling of at least one room—and so its prior ask of $1.299M would've clearly been a non-starter. The Coonley complex is a real spectacle. Wright composed the four-building layout (Living room and bedroom wings, gardner's cottage, and stable) around a central courtyard and pond designed by landscape architect Jens Jensen. The original property has been subdivided, with the 6,000-square-foot living room wing the prized possession. That piece is much better restored. The bedroom wing still has a great stock of art glass windows, a monumental fireplace, newer kitchen, tile bathrooms, three large bedrooms, and a portion of handsome walled-in greenspace. It will probably go to the buyer under contract, but you can still keep hope alive.
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