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The Top Three City Home Sales for the Past Seven Days

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3. The new tower 34-story tower at 50 E Chestnut has just one unit per floor and this just-sold offering is smack dab in the middle. It took nearly two years to sell the 3,800-square-foot three-bed, but the $2.895M closing price ended up just $165K below the initial ask. Model unit images are used to depict the space, which was sold free and clear of obstacles to customized decor.

2. Another three-bed, also roughly 4,000 square feet, has sold for a million dollars more than the Chestnut property. Its 39th floor perch and attachment to the 5-story Waldorf Astoria and its berserk amenities (can you say full spa and room service?) are the factors in this unit's favor. Ten-foot ceilings, custom flooring and lighting, a ton of windows with big views, and two terraces also help separate the space. Listing in August 2012 for $4.5M, the closing price is $3.875M.

1. Finally, we have a limestone-and-chandelier-laden three-bed on the 55th floor of Lucien Lagrange's Park Tower. The architectural mishmash (Second Empire, Art Deco, and ugly) finished in 2000 and has continuously registered breathtakingly high prices. This week's $4.1M sale is on the upper end. The 4,200-square-foot space has a chef's kitchen, a family room with heavy duty wood paneling and cove ceilings, two fireplaces, a large terrace and two side-by-side garage spaces. It sold for just $1.575M as raw space in 2006 and listed for $4.9M earlier this year before its modest slide.