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For $130K: One of Pullman's Largest Row Homes Can't Sell

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Pullman isn't known as a flipper's paradise but rather a special enclave of architectural treasures with limitless affordability. The historic nabe's renovated row homes don't command much more than the many muffed-up ones. It's highly doubtful flipping is the seller's motivation with this three-bed listing, since the price paid in 2007 ($164K) sits well above the current asking price of $130K. The property has been on the market continuously since October 2009 when it began its saga with a $180K asking price. Try not to get over-exuberant at the home's billing as "one of the largest" in Pullman. Unless you're talking the Executive Mansions or buxom Market Square row homes, the entire neighborhood is built of compact rows. This is definitely one of the best-kept offerings in any class. The hardwood floors, staircase, and facade are original to the 1881 construction; interior colors and a dash of vinyl flooring are not. Ten-foot ceilings, fireplace, backyard, and a garage round out the listing.
·Listing: 11131 S Saint Lawrence Ave. [Baird & Warner]
·Federal Report Deems Pullman Worthy of National Park Status [Curbed Chicago]