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Condos Planned for Damen & Augusta Not Your Average Infill

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A tipster revealed a new look bearing down on Damen & Augusta in the Ukrainian Village. Any old 5-unit infill is small potatoes, but this blast of modernity from developer Panoptic Group won't look remotely like anything within a half-mile. Division and Chicago Aves have a sprinkling of colorful, quasi-modular low-rise condos and other developers are bringing larger batches of contemporary stock with recurring design (see Noah Properties, Smart Tech, Fifield Cos.). Aside from the reds and swooping lines of the Citgo station standing opposite the site, the existing 3-flat and workers cottage housing stock bears no surprises. The plan promises two duplex 3-beds, one 1,500-square-foot 2-bed, and two 2-bed "penthouses". Panoptic is also interested in LEED certification and Smart Home automation. Hey, whatever your take, let's all put our hands together for the loss of another large vacant lot.

Update: Unit pricing was obtained via BuzzBuzz Home which has the 3-bed duplexes going for $599K, the 1,500-square-foot 2-bed for $579K, and, in a twist, the 2-bed "penthouses" for $519K.
·Panoptic Group [official]