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Unblemished 1886 Double-Wide Victorian Yours for $1.8M

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A near-mansion-scaled brick Victorian in Lincoln Park has been patiently awaiting our tending-to since listing in January for $1.8M. The ask hasn't budged despite a $1.3M sale price in 2009, and the "too many upgrades to mention" bit might have a little something to do with the seller's confidence. In fact, the standing ask for this 6,745-square-foot eight-bed house with rich interior detailing and upgraded mechanicals first struck us as low. That is, until realizing it backs onto the very busy Red/Brown/Purple "L" tracks. Uh-oh. Features include high ceilings, crown molding, large room sizes, four wood-burning fireplaces, an "extended" kitchen, antique bathrooms, a 2-car garage, and an assurance of some measure of soundproofing. Better see for yourself.
·Listing: 2214 N Bissell St. [Koenig & Strey]