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Is This 90th Floor Hancock Unit the Tower's Best Renovation?

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A focused and comprehensive renovation swept through this high-floor Hancock condo in recent years, and the indulgence just landed on the market for $1.095M— a lot for a one-bed, but reasonable for 1,949 square feet one-thousand feet in the air. The unit's custom overhaul includes built-ins, cove lighting, hardwood accents lining the ceiling, a long open living/dining space, a modern ergonomic kitchen, and a master suite with walk-in closet, double shower, and whirlpool (Sounds like a waterpark. Bring the whole family!). Outsized views conquer the city and lake to the south and east. But what we need to know is whether this is truly "one of the best renovations at the Hancock"? Here's another that ain't half bad, another one floor up, and at least one polarizing pick. Oh, and one could make an argument for this active listing. Consider carefully and cast your vote below!
·Listing: 175 E Delaware Place #9007 [Coldwell Banker]

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