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Historic Manor House Triplex in Want of New Look Asks $300K

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A three-bed, low-floor triplex condo is making waves in the Under $300K department. The barren-though-intact unit spreads its 1,900 square feet across three floors of the National Historic Landmark Manor House at Bryn Mawr & Kenmore. The 1907 complex was built by John Edmund Oldaker Pridmore in an attention-grabbing double-winged Tudor style. The condos have been reconfigured away from their original layouts, permitting duplexes and triplexes, and they remain awesomely inexpensive and awesomely close to the lake. You'll find the space's current state freshly painted with new baths and new closets, but compromised by carpeting. There's plenty of room for a fabulous makeover (let this neighboring unit guide the way). The initial asking price is $299,900 with a monthly assessment of $345.
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