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Lofted One-Bed Spun From a Retired Lincoln Park Storefront

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This cleverly conceived Lincoln Park one-bed took hold of a vacant storefront— the kind you see as part of many older corner buildings on residential blocks that once housed bars, convenience stores, or tailors—and made of it a lofted, big-windowed dwelling. These conversions happen often enough but rarely show themselves on the market, and almost never as an Under $300K pick in the fanciest of nabes. No square footage is given for the unit, but it clearly accentuates the vertical over the horizontal (in other words, small). The windows are 14' high and preside over the living room/dining room/kitchen combo. A wood-panelled loft overhang covers the custom high-end kitchen, with bedroom above. And the bathroom is as sweet a space as any. Listed in 2010 for $259,900 with no takers, the property just returned with an ask of $239,900.
·Listing: 1037 W Dickens Ave. #1A [Best Chicago Properties]