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Fall Boots Shopping Guide; The Return of the Pompadour

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And now the latest from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago.

BOOTS SCOOPIt's that time again: we're swapping out sandals for boots. Here's our guide to 10 essential shops for stocking up on cold-weather kicks, including City Soles, Bloomingdale's, and Akira.

WINTER SKINCAREWe asked the Cos Bar staffers to recommend some skincare products to guide us through these tricky times of quick-changing temps. And lucky us, you can buy them all online.

HAIR-STYLIN'What's the word in special-occaision up-dos this fall? (You were just wondering, right?) Well, it's "pompadour." According to Colette Salon & Spa owner Colette Green, the look "was huge on the fall runways and produces a fabulous, glam-rock look."