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West Loop Loft Brings Major Custom Upgrades, 18' Ceilings

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With vision that far exceeds every other loft we've glimpsed at 1000 W Washington (there've been several), the owner of this 2/2.5 unit has fashioned a harmoniously quirky living environment. The listing agent claims the sellers spent over $400K in upgrades in a decade of ownership. That's believable— in 2003 we doubt the place looked anything remotely like it does now. Let's tally: marble baths; wiggly track lighting; dark hardwood floors; built-in shelves with antique wood panels; custom gourmet kitchen; and all manner of wall adornment (metal, faux stone, painted-on faux stone). The 2,400-square-foot, fourth floor condo is in a building with a troubled past— serious flooding of unit 541 and the corresponding lawsuit affected resale value for some time at this converted Nabisco Factory. But things look to be on the rebound. The initial asking price? $649,900.
·Listing: 1000 W Washington Blvd #438 [Dream Town]