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Logan Square Contemporary New-Build Packs a Lot of Look

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"Very custom finishes" is good language for skirting the obvious: that the architecture and decor of this Logan Square 4/5 contempo are a complete mess. Built in 2007, the home scored a Chicago Mag feature (they're too kind) as well as inclusion in design shows. The home's dimensions and its hot location oughta save it gross indignity on the market, even though the listing has come and gone three times since March 2012 with a total price reduction of $250K. The ask is sitting at $1.349M. When we noticed its appearance 18 months ago, it was owing to its double-wide presence on the block and mismatch of modern and overwrought traditional decor (witness the kitchen!). A feisty debate ensued in the comments, during which the owner chimed in. How about a sequel!
·Listing: 1856 N Fairfield Ave. [Dumas & Associates]
·Eye-Catcher at the Logan-Humboldt Border asks $1.599M [Curbed Chicago]