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For $2.95M: Architect-Designed Montgomery Ward MegaLoft

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The boldest fresh face on the market has to be this 4/4.5 architectural loft in the riverfront Montgomery Ward building also known as Domain Condominiums. The architect behind the 5,500-square-foot loft's 2005 reconstruction is Minneapolis-based VJAA, and their work here may well leave you crouched in a drooling stupor spouting love poems. The 9th floor corner unit has 15-foot ceilings (highest in building), 12-foot windows, three balconies, a custom gourmet kitchen, and a fertile collision of materials and built-in features. Views to the east and west are downright twisted. The $2.95M asking price includes three garage spaces and the $3,000 monthly assessment supplies a laundry list of building amenities (it had better!). What say ye?
·Listing: 900 N Kingsbury St. #950 [Baird & Warner]