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Prominent Developer Pitches Rental Tower for Michigan & Lake

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Hoping to create a "catalyst for transfor- mation" on a dour stretch of Michigan Ave, developer John Buck is moving forward with plans to build a glitzy new rental tower on Michigan and Lake. Last week, we posted a lone rendering of the building that surfaced in advance of last night's community meeting, where the developer was on hand to provide more specifics on the proposal. The building, known as 200 North Michigan Avenue, will rise to a height of 515 feet (45 floors) and contain 432 rental units, along with 156 parking spaces hidden from view and accessible via Lower Michigan. A note of caution: the official unit count has yet to be finalized, so a minor height reduction may ultimately come to pass. Designed by bKL Architecture, the sleek tower will be outfitted in a clear glass facade with recessed balconies and shifting vertical elements. By positioning the building at the southern end of the site, the design team was able to preserve the visual integrity of the nearby Carbide & Carbon Building.

One of the more dramatic design elements, the four-story base will accommodate two floors of parking and 25,000 square feet of retail space spread out over the first two floors. The developer hopes to attract high-end retail tenants to the building, which will hopefully lure similar retailers to this part of Michigan Ave. Amenities, to be located on the 6th and 45th floors, include an outdoor pool, dog walk, common areas, and a fitness center. Landscaping and other enhancements are also planned to improve the pedestrian experience at street level. Handsome rectangular planters will be installed on Michigan Ave, and trees will be planted along Lake Street, where residents will enter the building. The timetable for construction is as follows: site prep and demolition will commence in December, with official construction starting in March 2014. Pedestrian access will be maintained along Michigan Ave for the duration of construction. Delivery of units is expected by March 2016.
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