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Crafty 2/2 Farmhouse Conversion Asks $599K in Lincoln Park

A 2/2 Lincoln Park farmhouse dating to the 1870s and previously for rent (at the great price of $2,600/month) is now for sale. We've already spent precious life gushing over the built-ins and the architect-owner's deft hand at amalgamating contemporary features with rustic 19th Century ones. The transition from solarium to deck to yard is flawless, and skylights permeate nearly every room. A blue-tiled shower goes one step further, opening itself to the elements. The ask: $599K. intrigued? Hit up the open house this Sunday afternoon.
·Listing: 2734 N Marshfield Ave. [Koenig & Strey]
·1870 Home Rebuilt With Great Vision Asks $2,600 in Rent [Curbed Chicago]