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$2M Victorian Face-Off: Landmark Row or Freestanding Home?

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A couple of exemplary Victorians have hit the market for a hair under $2M in Lincoln Park and Lake View. We thought it appropriate to present both in Curbed's fun, participatory, take-no-prisoners bloodsport— the deathmatch. In the first corner: a rare turreted member of the landmark McCormick Row House District. The five-bed Queen Anne, built in 1905, weighs in at 7,500 square feet with an extra-wide footprint and a "quiet, cloistered" setting with a large private yard and gardens. Original interior details aren't pronounced but fixtures like stained glass, vintage lighting, fireplaces, and a number of tiny solarium nooks are a credit to the home. In the opposing corner: a five-bed frame house on a one-block remove from the heart of the Southport Corridor. This place is extra-ornate and rocks a wrap-around porch, expertly restored interiors with no surprises, a paneled library, and a finished basement. The lot is double-wide and includes a fenced backyard and side yard. It's possible the neighborhood will be the deciding factor for some, but the Southport and DePaul districts share many traits. Alright folks, which Victorian has the edge?
·Listing: 841 W Chalmers Place [Coldwell Banker]
·Listing: 3528 N Janssen Avenue [Phoenix Realty & Investment]
·Real Estate Deathmatch [Curbed Chicago]

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