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106 Units of River North Senior Housing Planned Alongside 'L'

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UPDATE: Moody is the landowner. Turnstone Development, a Chicago-based senior housing specialist, has advanced the proposal herein.

If urban development insider Spyguy's claim proves correct, Moody Bible Institute is getting involved in a plan for 106 units of senior housing with 46 parking spaces at the north end of Franklin (at Walton). Housing for seniors? As in senior citizens? It's not that far fetched— Moody already has one student hall (Jenkins) that, by virtue of its size, accommodates all level of student as well as senior citizens. The rendered seven-story precast structure is as plain as they come, but certainly qualifies as dense infill on a difficult to develop site alongside "L" tracks. It sure has the banality and single-mindedness of newer Moody campus buildings. The development site includes a surface lot and an old garage that would have to come down. The proposal's details remain sparse as Curbed awaits a statement from Moody. Stay tuned!
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